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January 22, 2011


In today's post I'm going to add a few of my colored pencil works.  Like other colored pencil artists often do I've come to term them "paintings" for lack of a better way to describe them.  Hope you enjoy them!

"Winter Boat"   14" X 11"   Colored Pencil

I am enthralled with the beauty of the Eastern end of Long Island, NY, particularly what we call the North Fork of Long Island.  Although most people enjoy the area in the summer I also like to be out there in the winter when it's still and filled with solitude.  One such day I happened on this boat frozen into the salt water in a small cove off Peconic Bay.  I loved the colors, the biting cold air, and the stillness of this scene and decided to photograph it so that I could try to capture all of these things in a painting as best as I could and then paint it in a nice warm studio!  

"Autumn Sailboat"   18" X 9"   Colored Pencil

I revisited the same area that the idea for the above winter boat painting was done much later that same year to enjoy the fall foliage.  At that time this sail boat was tied at the dock.  The white of the boat was in such stark contrast to the beautiful colored leaves behind it that I decided it would make a good painting.  Gee, those colors were beautiful!  

"Stony Brook Cove"   14" X 23"   Colored Pencil

These boats were a part of this little cove for many years.  They resided in the Stony Brook area of Long Island, another place that I dearly love, and have spent many, many hours in.  These boats always intrigued me stoically floating in high tide, and sitting in the mud during low tide, during every season year after year.  One day I decided I just had to paint these rowboats that had become a landmark of the area.  About a year after I finished the painting two of the boats disappeared and the other broke apart in a bad storm.  I was so glad I was able to capture what had become a lost bit of the area's history.  Sadly, I sold this painting soon after I created it and now wish I hadn't.  

"Stony Brook Gamecock Cottage"   4.5" X 13"   Colored Pencil

This painting was done in the same general area as the one above it near my home on LI, NY.  It's a landmark and part of the history of the area.  It was used as an old fishing cottage in the early 1900's.

"Stony Brook Village Doorway"   10" X 8"   Colored Pencil

The above painting was also done in the same area.  There is a quaint little Village up the hill and across from the water that is always filled with flowers during the warm months.

"North Fork Farm Stand"   14" X 25"   Colored Pencil

I did the above painting from a photograph I took while on a drive along the North Fork of the East End of Long Island, NY.  The farm stands are always beautiful during the warm months.  They begin by selling all sorts of flats and hanging baskets of flowers, next they are filled with LI summer produce, and they end the season with pumpkins, pies and corn stalks.  

"North Fork Farm Stand II"   14 X 25"   Colored Pencil

This is another farm stand further down the road on the same day.  Heading out that way is a big pass-time on Long Island.


  1. Would love to feature your Stoney Brook Cove in the July issue of CP Magazine (www.annkullberg.com/zine.php) with your permission.

    If you'd be willing to grant us permission, we'd need a 300 dpi version, large image, suitable for printing. It will be printed in about a 3" wide format. We would also need the size of the original work.

    Thank you. Beautiful work. We'd be honored to feature it!


    1. I'm honored and have contacted you with further correspondence. Thank you for your inquiry

  2. Hi Judi - I live in Stony Brook and desperately searching for a print of the gamecock cottage as a gift for my husband's 40th birthday. I really love your colored pencil work. Do you sell reproductions?

  3. Hi There! Thanks so much for your inquiry. I don't sell my work anymore, I'm sorry. We can send you a copy of the original download of the piece if you give me your email address. If you can bring it somewhere to have that reproduced that would be fine with me. I do want to warn you, however, that colored pencil works come out very grainy looking when reproduced unlike paintings which reproduce nicely. If you're heard of the local artist Muriel Musacara (I'm not certain of the spelling of that last name, unfortunately, but Gallery North would probably know it for sure as she's always in their September annual art show) I'm sure she's painted pictures of the Gamecock Cottage and I know she sells her work. Meanwhile, again, if you'd just like a download of my version of the Gamecock Cottage to do whatever you want with it, just give me your email address and it's yours. Thanks again for your inquiry and Happy Birthday to your husband!


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