Welcome to my 30 year painting retrospective. Whether you simply take a brief look at the paintings or you go a bit deeper and discover the deeper meaning some of them have for me by reading the descriptions I hope you'll enjoy your visit. (To enlarge paintings click on them.)

January 25, 2011


This first painting below is one I did by feeling my own body movements and drawing what I felt.  I did the painting to represent the stages of a woman's life from being a timid young woman, to slowly coming into her own, to blossoming into her full self, and finally having the complete self confidence in who she is to dance into her future with total assurance.  My daughter honored (and surprised me) by having this made into a tattoo that she wears.  She added the hands of God holding the women up and the dates of my two kidney transplants under each hand.  Many blessings, daughter and thank you...

"The Dancer"   20" X 30"   Watercolor

Below are several other paintings of women I did over the years.  Most were painted from my imagination and a couple were taken from photos with a bit of artistic license thrown in.  

"Woman Relaxing"   14" X 15"   Watercolor

"Sunbonnet"   34" X 27"   Watercolor

"Dog Walk"   15" X 10"   Watercolor

"Ladies Luncheon"   12" X 16"   Watercolor/Colored Pencil

"Back To Africa"   20" X 16"   Acrylic

"Bernice and Bah Chee-Navajo Women   12" X10.5"   Watercolor   

And, last but not least for today, we have two little ladies...

"Megan Fishing"   17" X 11.5"   Watercolor

"Girl In Snow"   8" X 10"   Watercolor

And, one very special little boy, my grandson...

"Ahh That's The Life"   10" X 13"   Watercolor

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