Welcome to my 30 year painting retrospective. Whether you simply take a brief look at the paintings or you go a bit deeper and discover the deeper meaning some of them have for me by reading the descriptions I hope you'll enjoy your visit. (To enlarge paintings click on them.)

February 8, 2011


It's difficult to paint a dark painting in watercolor and I found it especially difficult to do when I was first experimenting with watercolors.  I don't do many paintings with darks in them anymore because I enjoy color so much, but the two paintings below were done many years ago as part of my learning experience with dark colors.

"Dark Still Life With Pears"   24" X 18"   Watercolor

"The Kitchen Table"   15" X 20"   Watercolor


  1. I really love the Dark Still Life with Pears. It reminds me of the Dutch painters. After I got to your site, Judi, I realized I had been here before and had commented on your "dot" works and colors.

  2. I love the Kitchen table painting truly talented ....Kez


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