Welcome to my 30 year painting retrospective. Whether you simply take a brief look at the paintings or you go a bit deeper and discover the deeper meaning some of them have for me by reading the descriptions I hope you'll enjoy your visit. (To enlarge paintings click on them.)

February 2, 2011


Below are a few paintings of homes  The first one came from my imagination and the last three are homes that really exist.  Hope you enjoy them...

"Grandma's House"   5" X 9"   Watercolor

"Adirondack Farm House"   9.5" X 19.5"   Watercolor

"Taos Corner"   9" X 15"   Watercolor

We were on a trip in NM when we saw the Taos home and garden shown in the above painting. This corner garden caught my eye because it looked so beautiful in the bright Southwestern sunshine.  We photographed the garden and house, as well, because I knew I wanted to make a painting of this lovely scene.  Friends of ours who'd also been to Taos bought the painting immediately after it was finished.  Unfortunately, my husband never quite got over my selling it that quickly, because he really liked it a lot.  Knowing this, several years later they surprised us by offering the painting back to him.  God has blessed our lives with very special friends, needless to say, and much to my husband's delight the painting is now hanging in our family room.

"Country Cottage"   9" X 22"   Watercolor


Below is a painting of a backyard, to me a very inviting one.  I couldn't resist painting it.  

"Picket Fence and Hammock"   22" X 30"   Watercolor

The painting below, of a garden room, is strictly taken from my imagination.  For some reason I decided to time myself when I did this painting, so every time I'd sit down to work a bit more on it I'd "clock in" and then "clock out" when I was finished for the day.  When I totaled up the hours I spent on it I found that it took me 42 hours to sketch the drawing and another 40 hours to paint it.  It was then and there that I truly came to the realization I'd never get rich as an artist being the slow poke that I am!  Very close friends of ours did buy this painting, however, and they showcased it in a beautiful way over their fireplace.  Friends who make gestures regarding my paintings such as the ones I've mentioned in today's postings, are riches that cannot be measured in a weekly paycheck.  They are by far more rewarding to me than any salary could ever be.  

"Garden Room"   22" X 30"   Watercolor


  1. beautiful, luminous, realistic paintings. Keep up the good work!

  2. I am in love!!!!!
    Love your art!!!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful creative outlet. You work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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